Roujiamo- “Just Another Hamburger?”

Life Is Beautiful

Do you know Roujiamo, often refereed as Chinese Hamburger,  actually has over 2000 year history? Even its name is derived from the classical Chinese people never speak in daily lives. Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?

Decades ago,   Roujiamo was  only a local food seen in Xian. Now, almost every cities in China, you can grab it at street vendors or small Shaanxi Style restaurants.  People just love it, no matter how fatty it is. There was even a joke saying that the reason MacDonald’s took decades to show presence in Xian is simply to avoid direct competition with Roujiamo when still tapping the china market. Some times, we couldn’t help thinking what will happen if Roujiamo chain comes to US and stands right next to MacDonal’s? It may be a fun business.

Anyway, why not check out Roujiamo? You won’t be disappointed, as far as things resemble hamburger are…

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I love good food and learning new cultures. I love Palestine.
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